Sept 12 - 14, 2024

113 days

to go!

Bozeman, MT

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Proper Good

Better Ready Meals

Proper Good is your cheeky partner in the quest for quick, tasty nutrition, offering a splendid array of meals that tick all the right boxes—wholesome, convenient, and absolutely scrumptious! Whether you're after gluten-free, keto, or vegan delights, Proper Good has you covered. Proudly available in Walmarts across the country, you can easily snag a Proper Good meal wherever your adventures take you. With a commitment to non-GMO, top-notch ingredients, every bite is a jolly good treat! The ethos at Proper Good is all about transparency and creating a smashing hit with every customer interaction. By selling directly to you, the lovely eater, they ensure a shopping experience that’s as smooth as a good cuppa. This direct-to-consumer approach not only keeps things clear and simple but also allows Proper Good to adapt and innovate based on what you fancy, making sure they’re always at the top of their food game. Proper Good is over the moon to sponsor the Last Best Comedy Fest. Jennifer Jane, the founder and a keen stand-up comedian herself, believes deeply in the magic of bringing folks together for a giggle or two, much like a good meal does. By joining forces with the Last Best Comedy Fest, Proper Good is set to sprinkle a bit of tastiness on comedy lovers everywhere, making the fest not just a feast for the soul but for the belly too! This partnership is a toast to creativity, community, and the splendidly simple pleasures of life, embodying everything Proper Good stands for.